How to Prepare

Own your Race Day

Own your Race Day

HYROX has been created as the Fitness Race for Every Body. The event is a circuit-style race consisting of 8 functional movement stations, with 1 kilometer of running before each. This means that the challenge requires preparation in both strength and endurance alike.
Mintra Tilly, the designer of the HYROX Race, shares tips and tricks below to help support you along your HYROX training journey..

Tip One: 50% is Running

Some love it, others rather not think about it! A HYROX race consists of 8 kilometers of total running. split into 8 runs of 1 kilometer each. So get that running into your training and build up your cardio. Specifically, try out some compromised running. At home or in the gym, try to experience running before and after a functional workout that fatigues your legs and arms, to simulate that race experience. Ever wondered how you run after pushing a 125kg sled for 50 meters? Or after your heart rate spikes during 80m of Burpee Broad Jumps? Mix up your training with some compromised running for the best HYROX prep. and you will start to enjoy your running more and more.

Tip Two: Learn the Movement Standards

It is important to familiarize yourself with the HYROX movement standards so that you train the workouts in the right manner and avoid getting flagged on no-rep movements come race day.. Experiment in the gym with your Certified HYROX Trainers with various techniques that can be applied and find the one that works best for you.

Tip Three: Don't Start too Fast

We see it over and over again! Athletes run too fast in their very first kilometer and push a bit too hard through the first workout station. We get it, your adrenaline is pumping! You’re feeling the energy, the excitement in the venue, the music, your friend and family cheering you on. But keep in mind, this is an endurance event and can be compared to a Half Marathon. So, pace yourself. Find your rhythm, control your heart rate and you will perform at your very best.

Tip Four: Rest, Eat and Hydrate

During your training periods, in build up to the event, and on event day, don’t forget to rest, eat and stay hydrated. Specifically on the event day, you might be arriving a few hours before your start time to cheer on your friends. You’ll get soaked up in the event excitement and before you know it, it is time to warm up and go to the Start Zone. So make sure you drink plenty of water and don’t use up too much energy so that you arrive at the Start Zone fresh and ready to go.